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Fruit of Consequence is a collection of large colour photographs from my ongoing work of the past several years. In the course of my day to day life, I collect some of the detritus of natureís processes and of our human society - objects which for some reason fascinate me. Inspired by the interpretive and symbolic possibilities of still life, I arrange these found objects into a formal composition and photograph them. As an artist Iím interested in the relationship between an object and itís photographic re-presentation. In this work I strive to make photographs expressive of the strange beauty and metaphor to be found in these seemingly banal things.

To effect the transformation that I desire, I employ various experimental strategies. These include multiple exposure and camera or subject movement during exposure in order to create a sense of subject motion, the passage of time, and to blend the elements of the composition. I also manipulate the lighting by using a variety of light sources or filters to mix, within the same image, areas of normally colour-balanced areas with areas of warm, deeply saturated and unnatural tones. The seductive colour and the composition may compel the viewer to take a deeper look into the work. Finally, presenting the images at a scale larger than life imparts an insectís-eye view of the microcosm. Objects found there may disturb or perturb as the materials are often aged and decaying and their identities may be ambiguous.

While my work acknowledges the profound impact of man on the natural environment, I resist the easy dichotomy of nature=good and modern humans=evil. The fruit, flowers and other natural materials pictured in my work may be wilted or disintegrating, but the cogs and technological artifacts are also worn, rusted and weathered, All of these things have been subjected to the same elemental forces and may have much in common and more to share.

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